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Hi! We are Kristyn and Elise, the moms behind bundle + nest. We were both born and raised in Calgary, and live across the street from each other. Kristyn is the mom of two small boys, and Elise the mom of a daughter. 

Our three-year olds are best friends, and during COVID-19 quarantine we spent a ton of time together. Most of that time was spent talking to each other about our wonderful kids, baby products, mom products and what was (and was not) helpful during those fun early newborn days. We also laughed about being constantly asked by our friends what they should get others for baby shower gifts. Out of these conversations, bundle + nest was born, with an aim to give the most useful and envy-inducing gifts to pregnant women and new moms. Cue the baby-shower slam dunk. 

With our first kids, we both felt completely overwhelmed, and struggled to find products that were practical, baby-friendly, and that we felt good about using. We both have clear memories of those two or three products we were gifted while pregnant that were absolutely life changing and used every day. Nothing is better than a gift from a mom who has “been there”, and who knows all about the products you have never thought about until you really need them. That is why we decided to ONLY partner with other mom-owned businesses for the products in our boxes. 

We are also keenly aware that a baby shower is always focused on the baby (it’s right in the name after all). While that makes sense, we think every mom deserves some pampering too. Our gift boxes feature several mom-focused products, so that the milk-machine can feel a little more put together, even with spit up on them. 

As new moms, we understand the value of mom friends, mom groups, and judgment free middle of the night texts. We also wholly believe in shopping local, and supporting businesses who genuinely care about how their products will impact your family. These values underpin all of the partnerships we have created with other mom-enterprises, and inform every product we include in our boxes.

We have spent countless hours researching and testing local and organic products that other moms have spent years perfecting. We are so excited to share them with you! 


Elise and Kristyn of bundle + nest

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